Some tips and a few things to keep you occupied in the hilly joint:

LISBON MUG’S TIP: Uber is a cheaper go at Lisbon Airport if you aren’t jet lagged and know where your digs are.

LISBON MUG’S TIP: Get one of the Viva Viagem cards at a station as soon as you arrive in Lisbon. The type is “Zapping”. Zapping allows for pay-as-you-go fares of €1.33 with metro and €1.35 with Carris (buses, ferries and trams, with a hour-long re-entry period). You can add credit of denominations between €5 and €40 at stations.

LISBON MUG’S TIP : AirB&B is probably a better deal in Lisbon.

LISBON MUG’S TIP: As soon as you hit a city or town do a free tour.

Sandemans New Lisbon Tours ( You just turn up at the allocated place. We met in a square with a statue of a plump bloke on a horse (Praca Luis do Camoes).

LISBON MUG’S TIP: Have a wine at the tiny Black Sheep but then head next door to the craft beer joint, Cerveteca Lisboa, (Praça das Flores 63, 1200-192 Lisboa)

LISBON MUG’S TIP: Don’t waste your time or money going across the river to see Big Jesus.

LISBON MUG’S TIP: If you want good honest local fare and don’t mind a joint that is a tad rough around the edges try Restaurante Churrasqueira da Paz (R. Paz 80, 1200-320 Lisboa)

LISBON MUG’S TIPVisit the Museu Nacional do Azulejo Museum – The Tile Museum for mugs (Rua Me. Deus 4, 1900-312 Lisboa). Get the 728/794 bus from Oriente Square.

LISBON MUG’S TIP: Have a meal at Taberna da Rua das Flores (Rua das Flores 103, 1200-213 Lisboa). Take cash – no cards.

We shared three small dishes (pestiscos)- white fish cerveche , grilled pork and garlic shrimp on skewers – delicious. The menu comes to you on a blackboard and is explained.

LISBON MUG’S TIP: Best Lisbon Coffee

Neighbourhood (Largo do Conde Barão 25, 1200-163 Lisboa) – the best

Comoba (Rua de S. Paulo 99, 1200-109 Lisboa) – close second

LISBON MUG’S TIPLxMarket (Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300-501 Lisboa). Have a meal here – plenty of options. Just worth a ramble and a drink.

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