SINTRA MUG’S TIP : Catch the train to Sintra and Uber around.

You catch the train to Sintra from Oriente Station (€2.8). Uber is in Sintra and it’s as cheap as chips.. No need to drive from Lisbon unless you are heading elsewhere post Sintra.

SINTRA MUG’S TIP: Two days is enough

There are a few sights you need to see, The Pena Palace (and by default the Moorish Castle, Quinta Regalia and the Palacio Monserrate. Sintra National Palace is perhaps less impressive than the others. It has one or two lovely rooms. However it is in the main drag so worth a short visit late in the afternoon on the way to a bar.

SINTRA MUG’S TIP: Try and get a little out of Sintra to stay.

We found Casa Midoura (Rua Sotto Mayor 55, 2710-628 Sintra : (€95 a night) excellent – a 10 minute walk into town. I’m not getting a cut and I’m sure there are other joints that are great as well.

SINTRA MUG’S TIP: Get the ‘Rattle and Hum’ tram out to the Atlantic

SINTRA MUG’S TIP: Prepare to be disappointed with food in Sintra

We thought Dom Pippas was fine – but do your research before you go.

SINTRA MUG’S TIP: Book your site tickets before you go and avoid the far queues

And also get off your freckle and get to the Pena Palace early.

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