Tomar Mug’s Tip: A decent low cost joint in the guts of Tomar

Cheap but cheerful. Residencial Uniao (Rua Serpa Pinto Nº94, 2300-592 Tomar: €45 a night)

Tomar Mug’s Tip: The must see is the Convent of the Corpus Christi.

Convent of the Corpus Christi. The Knights Templar joint. You can walk from the town square – just head up the hill.. Possibly the only reasons people go to the Tomar. Wonderful and not to be missed.

Tomar Mug’s Tip: Best restaurant in Tomar.

The highly recommended Tabernaculo Do Rio. (Rua Marques de Pombal, 60) which is the across-river extension of the Rua Serpente Pinto.

Tomar Mug’s Tip: Good wine by the glass

Try an obviously named joint on the Serpent called “Panorama Drinks” (Rua Serpa Pinto 41 Tomar). Good wine by the glass and some decent tasting plates.

Tomar Mug’s Tip:

Cafe Parisienne on Rua Serpa Pinto has decent tostas for breakfast and average milk coffee. Say hello to Danny Devito from me.

Tomar Mug’s Tip: Head out of town via car or taxi to see the Roman Aqueducts

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